Five Tips to Better Interactions with Kindergarteners

August is coming and that means school will be starting soon. As a teacher, it can be daunting to hear the school bell ring again, especially with young children. The first day is especially important and can make or break the school year for most of these children. Luckily, these five tips will help you have better interactions with your new students!

Have Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are not only fun, but they are an excellent ice breaker. Give your students a unique, creative prompt and watch as their hands reveal their innermost thoughts on sheets of construction paper. You will be able to ask the children about their drawings, about the design choices, and about their inspiration. All of these questions can give you a profound understanding of the child, leading to better interactions.

While that is good enough, arts and crafts have additional benefits for the development of a child. This means you do can feel even better about your arts and crafts decisions. Not only are you learning about the child, you are improving their life. That sounds like a great thing to me!

Give Them a Tour

Having a classroom walkthrough can be a great way to introduce a new student to your class. It is common for kindergarten to be the first experience a child really has away from their parents. This can be nerve-racking for them. However, by taking them on a tour of the class and detailing all the fun workstations and songs they will learn, you can help them to relax.

Tell Them Some Jokes

To further relax the children, you should learn some simple and easy knock-knock jokes. Lucky for you, children really are not the hardest to please. Their senses of humor are fairly basic, and they have not heard any of the jokes you know. Everything you tell them is sure to be a hit!

If creativity is not your strong suit, I will not reprimand you. It is not my strong suit either! For people like us, there are websites that offer lists of jokes that we can use as we please. Visit a website, like this one, before class each morning and memorize a few jokes. It will really help you connect with the children.

Act like a Mom

Acting like a mother allows for a quicker connection between the kindergartener and you. They will see the way you are behaving and subconsciously see you as a matriarchal figure that they can trust. They will want to tell you about their day and be around you. Most importantly, they will listen to you!

Nothing is worse than a rambunctious child who does not listen. We have all seen those kids running around causing chaos and we have all had the same thought: glad I do not have to deal with that! By acting like a mom, you will not have to either.

Be Fun!

Most importantly, be fun! Children are easily entertained but also easily bored. Be loud, obnoxious, and over the top and the children are sure to love you and your class. If you need some inspiration, check out any of the YouTube influencers who create content for children. You will quickly find they are all obnoxious and over the top, but for some reason children love that.